Thousands of Long Tail Keywords for Any Niche in Minutes

If you’ve already tried finding long tail keywords for your niche, you know how much work it can be.

I used to spend as much as 5 hours of my time (more times than I care to think about) sifting through piles of keyword research data, when I could have been doing other things.

But because every single good long tail keyword I found was worth hundreds—sometimes THOUSANDS —of new visitors every month, I kept at it and eventually developed a way to automate the process down to just 30 minutes or less.

I’m going to share that with you here, but first let’s take a look at…

The 2 Advantages of Ranking for Long Tail Keywords

First, they are a LOT easier to rank for.

Imagine being able to go into any competitive niche and start driving targeted traffic, in a fraction of the time everyone else spends fighting for the “big” keywords.

On top of that, long tail keywords are also highly profitable and convert a lot easier, because they are so specific.

In other words…

People typing them into Google know EXACTLY what they want, which means they are further along the buying cycle and—this is where you come in— ready to make a sale!

How to Find Long Tail Keywords

It depends on how much you value your time, but there are actually two ways you can find these profitable keywords.

1. Traditional Research – Although it’s time consuming, you can get started by loading up Google’s keyword tool and entering a broad keyword related to your niche. From there, you would look for phrases with at least three words, put them into Google search, and make a list of any phrases that come up in the sagest feature

Then you would do the same in YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon and Bing.

Once you have this huge list of keywords you would have to filter out any duplicates and then plug all the search phrases back into Google’s keyword tool one by one to check out their search volume and CPC (I’m feeling tired already).

2. Use A Long Tail Keyword Generator – Hands down the fastest and most practical way to create a list of keywords you can use to drive traffic in your niche.

This is the method I mentioned that is fully automated, takes 30 minutes or less, and digs up thousands of long tail keywords, with nice search volume you can use to get low competition traffic in any niche.

It’s what has cut my research time by 90%. For obvious reasons, I named it “Stealth Keyword Digger”.

How Stealth Keyword Digger Works

All you have to do is start by adding a seed keyword to find the top 100 keywords in your niche. It then digs deep into Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, and Bing to turn those keywords into thousands of long tail keywords.

As they are gathered, you’ll be able to see how many searches each keyword gets, filter by minimum/maximum searches, and export the keywords within that range into a CSV file for easy viewing.

Does it get any better than having a list FULL of profitable keywords generated FOR you, which you can use to easily get multiple top rankings in any niche?

To see just how amazing and powerful this tool is, click here now and you’ll be ready to dig up and profit from your own long tail keywords.

AlexThousands of Long Tail Keywords for Any Niche in Minutes

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  1. Wade Thompson

    Interesting post. When I started learning about internet marketing, I also spent hours to come up with good keywords for my niche until I found out about some keyword generator softwares. Nice name for your keyword generator. I’ll check that out.

    Thanks Alex!

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  2. Stephen Sullivan

    I have tried using different keyword research tools and only very few were efficient in giving me results. Stealth Keyword Digger seems to be very promising.

  3. John Scala

    I’m a newbie and still starting out with few blogs. I’m also planning to venture in affiliate marketing. I’m still learning SEO step by step and your site is really one great source of info for me.

    I’m very interested in knowing more about your keyword generator.

    John Scala

  4. hazel parker

    Great reviews on your product and price is very reasonable too. I would be trying out your product soon.

    Thanks for sharing such useful info.

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