The 4 Pillars of a Money Making Website

Money Making WebsiteA lot of people have the misconception that making money online is difficult.  And to some extent they are right; particularly if they go about it the wrong way.

But there is a tried-and-true, proven process that you can follow to create a nice income online – and although it is not a get-rich-quick scheme if you do it right and replicate it you will see results.

A money making website is not something that will likely happen by accident; money making websites are very carefully planned out from researching and choosing the right niche, to finding the best keywords that will drive targeted organic traffic, to writing action provoking content specifically design around the intent behind the targeted keywords, to executing a well-rounded  SEO strategy.

And you may say that all of the above sounds like hard work, but hard work compared to what? And it’s not hard work if you make a plan and follow it.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but with a conscious, actionable strategy, you can not only tackle the above steps with no previous experience – but you can also “rinse and repeat” them for as many sites as you’d like.

OK so no matter what you want to sell – whether its eBooks or physical products, YOU CAN DO IT – and make money – but you must have the 4 pillars in place:

  • Choosing a niche with hungry buyers
  • Doing proper Keyword research to find out the types of keywords that drive these people to buy
  • Writing compelling copy around those keywords that triggers your visitors to take action and
  • Making your content visible in the search engines with a proper SEO plan.

And you don’t need any previous experience to get started.  That’s because I’ve poured most of what I know about the four pillars in this blog, so that you can read, learn and discover exactly what steps to take.

Stealth Blog has 4 main categories (4 pillars):

Niche Research

Discover how to pinpoint and zero in on topics that are swarming with hungry buyers.  These are the kinds of things that people are looking for solutions on – right this very minute.

Here are some blog posts on niche research:

Keyword Research

Finding a hungry niche is great, but how do you get those people to find YOUR site in the search engines?  The difference is in taking the time to do proper keyword research.

Here are some blog posts on keyword research:


Learning how to write compelling, persuasive content that pushes your customers “hot buttons” and makes your offer irresistible is a CRUCIAL aspect of internet marketing.

Here are some blog posts on copywriting:

Traffic Generation

Knowing how to drive traffic to your website can be the difference between getting thousands of targeted visitors to your site ($$$) or having a website that only gets visited by bots (-$).

Here are some blog posts on traffic generation:

All of the 4 pillars must be in place and they must be implemented in a sequential order and you should not do one without the others.  Having this type of blueprint in place will help ensure that your site is designed to make you money today and in the future.

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AlexThe 4 Pillars of a Money Making Website

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  1. Herschel Lawhorn

    Hi Alex,

    As always, very useful information. I totally agree with your plan for a money making site. I know it works, because I have used it a few times and I am getting better at it.

    I am working on a new blog now that I plan to use your method on. We will see how it goes.

    Thanks again for all the great info. I always learn something.

    Herschel Lawhorn

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  2. Jonathon Alexander

    A nice post which follows on nicely from your
    products SKD & SKC. I like your style, relaxed but educational since I don’t know what I don’t know and like to learn from people who are there – I am still on my way, catch you all soon.


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  3. shannon

    Hi Alex just want to say thanks for the excellent software’s you create they save a lot of time and are always top quality. And thanks for the great articles they are very helpful. All the best.

  4. Graham Nicholls

    Hi Alex

    I normally preach 3 not 4 pillars – I forget the immediately obvious, that of finding the niche with hungry buyers! I tend to take that as a “given”, but when I am confronted by a roomful of people launching their “new business”, it is one of the first things I mention – does their market have the money to buy what they are selling, and are they hungry for it? That is where SKCA comes in real handy – it checks both the hungry market AND does the keyword research – hence I look at it now as a single pillar, not 2.

    As ever, content is king! IMHO this has been and ever will be the single most important aspect of any online site.

    By the way, can I suggest a little tip here? I use SEO Quake on my browser. If you want to check your site for traffic in real time, together with the number of keyword phrases the search engines are picking up on, then click the Rank or Price icon on the toolbar, when browsing your site. You can do this on any web site. It also gives a money value to how much you would have had to pay, for the same volume of traffic you get organically. There are many ways to use this tool, if you explore it a bit more. It’s an add-on to your browser and easy to install and use.

    Keep up the great work Alex!

    Best wishes


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  5. Yanti

    You are right, by doing the right actions we can get the good result, but most of time we don’t have patient to get big result, thanks for the advices

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  6. Cindy

    Hey Alex lots of great info here. I am just starting my first blog and have taken a lot of time to learn about SEO, so am enjoying the rest of your posts. Keyword Digger will help me loads to find choice keywords too. Many thanks… Cindy

  7. Jeff Pavacic

    Hey Alex

    Just like your SKD and SKCA, this blog content is quality stuff. You have a way of breaking things down into logical, actionable segments…….or in this case “pillars”. 🙂


  8. Luis

    thank you Alex for this awesome info….this is great help for people like me…..i am suffering from information overload and paralysis of analysis…..gracias

  9. Craig Frazier

    Thanks for the info – I appreciate how you have several articles for each topic and all the info is easy to understand and follow. Nicely done and a great example for all of us on our own sites. Thanks again.

  10. Coffee Shop Millionaire

    Hi Alex great post. I agree making money online doesn’t have to be so hard. Especially following your tips here. You’ve also made the niche research part of things a whole lot easier with SKA/SKD.

    Those two tools are golden and they are actually a part of only a handful of tools I’ve purchased as a WSO that actually works and adds tremendous value to what I do.

    Lastly, UNLIKE so many WSO creators, I REALLY apprceiate the fact that you don’t bomb my inbox with tons of WSO, Digiresult and other IM offers every other day!

    I’m glad you don’t use future updates as a excuse to get my email and push offers all the time. Thank you for creating great products and building value through posts like this.

    You and a couple of others at WF definitely stand out from the pack and I will continue to look for your emails and products Alex. Keep up the stellar work my friend! 🙂

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  11. shotgun

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  12. vinton samms

    Hi Alex,
    Great post and it is motivating too. We all take this thing for granted and have not fully exploited all the possibilities that can come from operating online. I do agree with you that a plan is absolutely necessary and in most instances, one is missing. So I go back to what I said before that we don’t take this business seriously. Most persons operating off line do have a plan.


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