Important Things to Consider When Doing Niche / Keyword Research

Doing market research online is different than doing it offline; some niches have great products that sell well on department stores but hardly sell online.

A good example of this are clothes because most of the time people like to see how the garment they are about to purchase looks and feels before they make a buying decision.

There’s also a cultural aspect to people that buy online vs. people that buy offline; although internet sales increase every year and the numbers are amazing (online retail sales in the U.S. are forecast to reach $327 billion by 2016) the majority of the world’s population is still very reluctant when it comes to giving their credit card number to a website.

And as incredible as it may seem some countries don’t even have access to PayPal.

So another important part of market / keyword research is knowing from where in there world your traffic (customers) are coming from and if in that region people are used to buying online and if they have the tools to do it with.

Let me give you another example of why it is important to know where the bulk of your potential customers live.

This is actually something I learned from experience.

A couple of years ago I was building a test website to promote wooden venetian blinds as an affiliate. My plan was to rank a website for the keyword “wooden venetian blinds” and 10 more keywords related to my main keyword and make some nice commissions with it while doing a case study.

As you can see in the image below the main keyword still gets a lot of searches and it has a nice CPC.

So I bought a great .com domain created great pre-sell content for my keywords, got some great images and created my websites.

But something was wrong…

After a couple of months of hard work my website was getting traffic but was not producing any income. So I decided to look more closely at the niche to find out what was I doing wrong.

Turns out that almost all of the traffic for that keyword was coming from the UK and I was targeting people in the US on my site.

So I hired a UK copywriter to create all my pre-sell content, got a domain, became an affiliate of the biggest UK blinds store (for brand recognition) and created a new site.

And guess what… that one did make money.

This illustrates the fact that you have to know your market really well in order to be successful in it.

Please share your opinion or your own niche / keyword research tips by leaving a comment below.

Thank you.

AlexImportant Things to Consider When Doing Niche / Keyword Research

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  1. Herschel Lawhorn

    Hi Alex,

    Good information. I have had that same problem on one or two of my sites. I didn’t do what you did, get a new domain and content for that other country, I just changed the direction that I was going with the one I had.

    But, I do understand why you did what you did.


    Herschel Lawhorn

  2. Alexander Umanets

    Hi Alex,

    Good info and example to follow. But did your income cover your expenses and time and bring some profit? Doe it making you money until now? I mean was it worth you effort or you would do it differently now?


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  3. Stanley Miller

    Nice post here Alex. It gave me an idea on what to do to some of my niche sites that are not generating enough income. Thanks.

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  4. rowena

    You got lucky to experience and learned from it. Thanks for sharing your experience. This will really help a lot of starters like me. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a year and I’m still on my way to learning the tricks.

  5. Claire Zambrano

    This is perfect. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with the things I do to my site. It’s been up for a couple of months and has been getting good traffic but not really getting sales.

    Thanks for this post. 😀

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Claire,

      If you are already getting good traffic then you should check your analytics and find out where your traffic is coming from and how it’s behaving.

      That information can really help you out in determining why your site is not performing

  6. Scott

    Hi Alex,

    Great post and thanks for sharing the case study. I think that was VERY smart to adapt to the country where most o your traffic was coming from. Buying a and becoming an affiliate for a UK recognized brand sounds very smart!

    You could probably really increase your income if you turned that site into a dropshipping/ecommerce site. Have you ever thought about that? Depending on the margins, could be a way to further monetize then even flip for great profit.

    Anyway, good post to get the creative juices flowing 🙂



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