Google Plus and SEO

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about Google + and the Google + 1 button and you may be wondering what SEO implications will this have.

To answer that question we have to understand the intentions behind these new services that Google is providing.

In my opinion with the + 1 button Google is trying to complement their algorithm with human  feedback, they were already doing this when they incorporated tweets, diggs and likes into their search algorithm but these services are not owned and controlled by Google so they  needed to create their own human rating system.

It was all over the news when Bing integrated Facebook into their search results and of course Google wasn’t going to be left behind.

So what does this + 1 button mean in terms of SEO?

I think that at the time I’m writing this (July 2011) not too much, but as it grows and people start getting familiar with the concept of rating content all over the web, it will definitely have a huge impact.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Add the + 1 button to your site. (if you use WordPress there’s a free plugin called wp plus one)
  2. Get as much + 1’s as possible. How? Now more than ever you have to create quality, helpful and unique content so people + 1 you. And always ask you visitors to + one your website if they find it useful, because the more + ones you have the more your content will be seen as trusted and helpful.
  3. Grow your social reach in the Google + social network.

And why is it important to grow your social reach?

Lest say you + one an article about scuba diving equipment and a person that is in one of your Google + Circles searches for scuba diving equipment, the article you + one will show up on the first page for that persons search results.

When you + one something this changes the SERP’s for you and for the people in your Google + Circles. (Of course you have to be logged in to see the changes)

I just recently started playing around with Google +, it’s really a lot like Facebook but with  some really cool improvements, like the Circles concept and the Hangouts.

In conclusion; yes you still need backlinks and proper on page SEO, but now more than ever you also need to provide value to your visitors if you want to get ahead in the SEO game.

The days of building poor quality websites are officially over, and that is great news for the serious marketers!

Please share your opinion about this by leaving a comment below.


AlexGoogle Plus and SEO

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  1. Azidah

    Hi Alex,

    Again another great blog post – Me too are wondering what is Google +1 but not much having time to google it over. Thanks again and please do invite me.

  2. Tim

    Hi Alex,

    This is great information. I’m also looking forward to your followup email about your keyword research. Please invite me to Google +.

  3. Bettina Hoffmann

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the nice read of your article on G+ and G+1. I already read quite a lot about these two new social trends but I have been a little ‘unmotivated’ to take action. So I guess this is the right time get started. I have sent you an email for an invite into the G+ network.

    Btw, I’m getting some really good results from my use of StealthKCA. Thanks.


  4. Mark M.

    Hi Alex,

    Google+ and Google + one are definitely in direct competition with fb. But as it always happnes, Google wins in the end.

    Hope to learn this new SEO trick to get better serps.


  5. Ronnie Ticket

    Affiliate marketing is not for hermits… being a social butterfly is more and more required. Thanks for your input on +1. Guess I will have to incorporate this into my marketing.

  6. Binary Option

    10 million already! That’s incredible especially since most people don’t know what its all about. Thanks for clarifying it, nice post. I’ve got the plug-in and will put it on my site.

  7. Colin Brazendale

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, it is amazing how fast their network is growing. We all need to integrate this to our websites, because Google will make this an important factor for ranking. Human interaction by voting is key to rank, just like links pointing to your website.

    Thank you for the great post.



  8. Keith

    Hi Alex,

    A great post as ever.

    You’ve filled in the blanks for me on Google + and Google+1.

    I’d be grateful for an invite please.

    Best wishes

  9. Mr_LE

    Great info, Alex.

    What about the affiliate world? Would they be affected by this? How heavy? The offline world is definitely not the same anymore after this…

    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      Thanks MR_LE

      Good affiliate sites that provide helpful reviews that answer the questions that are in the searchers mind and provide insights and perspectives on the product or the solution they are searching for will stand out above the rest very easily.

      That’s why I said that this is great news for the serious marketers.

  10. Sharon

    Hi Alex

    Great information as always concise and informative, great updates also on stealth tried it out yesterday.

    I too would also be grateful for an invite to google+1



  11. Dr Marsh

    Google is easily the most amazing reputable, well known company in the world, and its well deserved. No other website has been able to do what google has done especially in such a short amount of time. Anyone who badm mouths google has no knowledge of anything and obviously cannot use a computer.

  12. David

    The problem with Google is that it wants to control the internet world. And once it has that control, we know what it does. The example is Adwords. Small marketers made Google in the beginning. Now, Google has made it too difficult and expensive for the average marketer to use Adwords. Another example is their decision making in SEO. They de-index sites without so much as an explanation. The same goes for Google places — they delete reviews and citations (or do not recognize citations) without any explanation. And, unlike Facebook, there is no review.

    Also, They keep tabs on everything you do. There is an extension that give you a warning when a notice is sent to Google. They record every site you go to.

    Google is just getting out of hand.

    However, in order to play in the game, you have to stay in the game. That is why being informed is so so important. It is important to learn how to use Google+ and +1 as well as Facebook likes, shares, and comments to our advantage.

    In truth,

  13. Garth from Web Marketing

    Dang! Still figuring out Facebook, now I’ve got another thing to learn. Actually looks pretty cool, though. I was trying to ignore it (hoping it would go the way of the Google Wave), but looks like I’d better pay more attention.

    Did I mention, dang!?

  14. Bill Avery

    I have mixed feelings with the way Google + 1 is affecting searches. I see a false sense of ranking showing most of my pages rank alot higher when I am signed into Google.

    How many people really sign into Google to search?

    I guess every edge counts.

    Bill 😉

  15. Jake

    Makes a whole of sense to me, Alex. Creating value for the user is the starting point in my book. Thanks for pointing this out again. It cannot be stressed enough.

  16. Kanute Fleming

    To maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign. Try and focus on the most popular social media websites such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. By focusing your resources, you can create more tailored campaigns, which have a better likelihood of generating sales and growing your business.

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