Give Searchers What They Want And Google Will Give You What You Want

Many Internet marketers are always thinking about when the next Google algorithm change is going to be and how will it affect them.

Just recently with the Panda update you can read in the Warrior Forum and in other forums stories of people’s traffic and income declining.

And instead of analyzing what they did wrong everybody was blaming it on Google and their evil ways and the war between affiliates and the big G.

And all that is the wrong approach.

In internet marketing as in life in general, when something bad happens to you and you blame it on somebody else instead of taking full responsibility for it, you miss out on the lesson that mishap was supposed to give you.

We have to understand that internet marketing is a business and like in any other business you have to build win – win relationships in order to have long term success.

When you build a nice website with quality content that is unique, well researched, useful and entertaining you are giving Google what it wants; relevant content to show to its users and that will satisfy their needs in the most convenient way.

When Google does that, it builds a win –win relationship with its users.  Google wins because that satisfied user will return every time she / he needs some kind of information and will even tell a friend or two about their nice experience with Google.  And the user wins because he / she found what they were searching for.

So that is why when you build a website that helps Google satisfy their customers you build a win – win relationship with Google. Google wins because you supplied recourses that helped Google achieve its goal of having a satisfied customer. And you win because when Google sees you as a valuable and relevant site it will award you with higher rankings, which in turn you can convert into money.

I know all of these is kind of obvious, but sometimes we are so caught up in the day to day grind that we forget what it is all about:


AlexGive Searchers What They Want And Google Will Give You What You Want

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  1. Azidah

    Hi Alex,

    Yup! 100% agree with you. I’m being the one who own 100% auto blog chains and no-guess, all of them being thrash away by G. Instead of blaming, i took positive side and build traditional high unique quality content site based on your Stealth Keyword software.

    Thumbs up! Keep up with the good job.


  2. Emma

    Alex, I’m one consistent follower of your posts.I salute you for what you are doing. I chose to follow you keenly when you started with your 10 SEO lessons.

    The statement that “Content Is King” is truer for google than anyone else. Let me help put it this way. Google makes their money from Adwords,amongst other methods. For google to post adwords, it must be on related content so they get tageted traffic to the adwords.And they can’t write the content themselves for all niches.So google relies on posts from you and me.You do a good and rich post, google rewards you for your work by making your content more public and because your content is now visible,google knows readers/searchers will land a page for that content/post.They place their adwords by the side of the post.People click on that.Google makes money and you gain by top ranking.So content is more king for google than any other web user.Therefore,i agree with you 100%.Well done.

  3. Alex

    It’s strange how people get so worked up about algorithm changes. I read that currently Google does 500 algorithm changes per year.

    Better to be worked up about Keyword Research and writing great content.



  4. Rich

    Good article and a strong comment by Alex – love the stealth – it has helped me get to a place of starting to get a return on an investment and taking the guesssing game out of keyword research……I found samurai challenging to move around on…and not as user freindly as they could have made it – STEALTH is prett straigh forward and helps me zero in….and then go from there…thansk for the great tool ….and ease of use….. Florida United States



    I have been using your Stealth and I find it very useful in keyword research. Thanks for that. I still agree with the statement that ‘Content is King” as far as Google is concerned. I am not bothered about the rest.

    Good reminder!



  6. Benjamin Hübner

    Great stuff to learn here, and it´s exactly what I noticed in my last 3 years.

    Better to invest half an hour or even more to write one great article, instead of wasting 15 minutes to create just another piece of crap.

    ABout your software : I got access to Traffic Travis and I´ve tried some other tools, but to determine the income potential and competition I still use your Stealth software, would be great if you would add some basic filters to seperate the nuggets without the need to start another software program.

    Best regards

  7. Bill


    You’re right. The days of throwing stuff ‘out there’ to see if it would ‘stick’ are OVER. Caring enough to write useful, thoughtful content is now the ONLY way to obtain and retain good rankings — you’ve gotta DESERVE it!

    My Best,

  8. gabriel daalmans

    Every offline business owner knows that he has to take care of the needs of his customers on the very first place. The success of Google I believe is also related to a consequent application of this principle. Therefore it cannot be wrong for internet marketer to focus on customers and prospects. The search engines will not buy their stuff. Moreover changes in the competition will happen more frequently than changes in the algoritm of Google. Why I never read a discussion about that? I always read about “bad boy” Google, rather narrow minded to my opinion. Google should be your best friend!
    All the best

  9. matt

    het thanks for your information, i use your software
    all the time, to get the keywords with the least competion
    to creat my website. thaks for your follow up info

  10. Xelina

    this is a valuable information. I say valuable because content plays a vital role in google search engine. Google loves quality contents. And I just appreciate how you’ve reiterated it in here.. excellent!

  11. Hanns

    I think it was coming a long time. What’s the use for someone who searches for information to find a lot of advertising and nothing of any substance. I get annoyed when I have to click through lots of sites full of duplicated contet and sales pitches when I’m looking for something.

    It’s a universal law, If you give (good and relevant information) you will receive.

    Love the stealth software!

  12. Jan

    Agree with you 100%. Websites and blogs have to be both relevant, informative, well-researched and entertaining. My experience has been that if you can entertain people instead of ‘preaching’ at them they are more likely to click to the next post/page.

    Google loves it when people click around your website and if you entertain and inform them they are more likely to do just that!

  13. Bonnie Peterson

    I agree with you too Alex, I had several sites already up, but since I hadn’t gotten any traffic to speak of BEFORE Panda, I had no reason to believe the change had anything to do with it. I was however, embarking on an auto-blogging venture when the algorithm change came about and have since changed my mind. I would prefer to write original content.

    It’s sorta like your mom told you, “don’t tell a lie and you won’t have to try to remember what you said when someone confronts you!” I think that’s what auto-blogging is akin to since you’re always having to check CopyScape or some other tool to see how many other copies of what you scraped is out there, and how much you need to spin it.

    It’s much easier to know that if there is another like yours, you had it first! Love your blog entries and your SKCA tool Alex and think you are absolutely one of the good guys!


  14. Globuli

    I had a few websites that ran very well before Panda. Now they’re not completely down, but Traffic was going down by around 50%. They were very Product-specific but it seems, that Panda don’t like this sites. So I think the only way to get them up is to add more “valuable” content. Would not be easy, but I agree to you Alex: This is the only way…. so the game is going on 😉

  15. Rudy Espinosa

    Hi Alex,

    Always good to read an article that reminds us that originality and quality content will attract the Google love!

    BTW, like some of your other followers, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for sharing your awesome keyword tool! Your SKCA is part of my SEO arsenal and proud to be connected to you in any fashion.



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  16. Kent @ Internet marketing tips

    Alex, great point. I haven’t thought about why google gave me more than thousand traffic on some sites for no reasons.

    For them, they build the best search engine n try to give the best search result. They honor your content n sites because yours can serve their users need.

    I always keep this in mind. I love to win on IM with them.

  17. Noella2

    Yeah Alex, the speed at which we want to get things done these days is what leads most people not to take their time and write well researched articles. It takes time, patience and persistence to write good articles all the time and it aint easy, I must say. But eventually its quite rewarding as you say which I think is the way to go. Slowly but surely.

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  18. Bucee

    Absolutely agree with you. When Google ruins two of my best sites I have to realize that Google is the boss and if I want to be successful I have to do what it wants. So I have been rewriting, deleting my posts and added some useful services for the visitors. Nowadays I get better and better rankings again as well as targeted visitors.

    Thank you for your informative posts.

  19. Tommy

    Hi Alex

    You have definately hit the nail on the head with this one. I’m now starting to concentrate on one website and build on it instead of the usual rinse and repeat garbage strategies that are out there.

  20. Dr James Hans

    It amazing sometimes how many people get caught up in the latest way to scam Google to get their sites to top.
    As always, and stated by many here already, “Content is King.” You post states this very nicely: Give Google what they want (good relative content), and they will give you what you want (qualified visitors).

    1. Post
  21. Clare Thwaites

    Hi Alex,

    I completely agree that content and quality is the most useful and I think a lot of internet marketers forget that it’s actually the end user experience that will or will not make them money when they visit their site.

    There’s a lot of theory that DOES get slapped by Google ,and rightly so – your keyword SKCA software is fantastic and the keyword digger looks great too so I hope I can build some quality niche websites using it when I get back to my PC!!

    Cheers, Clare 🙂

  22. Martin Findling

    Great article Alex, fully agree. A website is not just to have a website, a website needs to be consistently looked after to keep it unique, to keep up with SEO and to add great interesting content to it. I have only started online marketing a bit more then a year ago and I spend about 3 hours after work on my online business, guess what, I am loving it. I don’y understand all yet, what you guys are talking about Google and Panda, but I am learning. I believe that you never stop learning when you have an online business. All success to you guys!
    Cheers, Martin

  23. Jeff

    The basic thing that hasn’t changed with the Google algorithm is does the website give the information that the user asks for. Doing that well gets the site rewarded. Using SKD and SKCA helps to determine what the user is asking for.

    Good post, Alex

  24. Kaiser Nabola

    Yes Alex,
    you said it all. I am so pleased I bought SKA and SKD from you, now am more focused and on target thanks these great tools you provided. I have just said bye to autoblogs. You opened my eyes. Now each post and pages of my blog are between page 1 to 3 in google search results.


    1. Post
  25. David


    Great information and the moral of the story is to build from the beginning a high quality, content rich site. Make sure that it is a resource of relevant content and information related to the search and you should win Googles thumb up!


  26. Nev

    Hi Alex,

    I agree with you 100% mate but the problem is the marketers are conditioning people in such a way that auto blogging is the way. The reason why they push it so much is to be a time saver. They bang on how precious time is and one two three click system. I was shocked to see one of the top marketers Anik Singal boasting about his system that builds a blog in under 1 minute that cost him 30k from IM Lobby and well known marketers promoting it.

    When you have someone like this boasting about how much they have made and how successful they have been people start to believe that his system must work.

    There are plenty like this out there and with this particular one I decided to do a few tests because Anik claims his content is unique so I put one of the sites he has but through a Plagiarism test and guess what ? The content was 90% 80% 70% plagiarized.

    The demonstration is very impressive but personally I think he should be ashamed of himself because if he creates products like this then is obviously not concerned about his reputation.

    Because of all the auto blogging platforms out there we decided to start creating a complete membership site that teaches people from scratch how to do it properly. We are still working on the project and it is probably going to take a while but when it is finished it will be a complete system from start to finish.

    People need to realize that every site or blog they create is real estate and the more time and effort they put into it the more they will learn and the more they will eventually get out of it.

    There are far too many marketers out there leading people into false hope trying to make out this is easy. Everything is easy when you know how and how can you learn through pushing a few buttons and having a site created for you.

    We all use tools to help make our lives a little easier and semi automate some tasks but it still takes a lot of work and dedication.

    In my opinion people need to treat each website like a real business and give people what they want as in value. If you are giving people a solution to their problem then they will love you for it and will tell others.

    By the way the only Keyword tools we recommend at the marketing co-op group are Stealth Keyword Digger and Stealth Keyword Analyser because in my opinion they are the best keyword tools out there.

    All The Best


    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      Thank you Nev

      And you are right – there are a lot of people out there that will say or do anything to get a sale.

  27. IwanP

    Nice, that what I say, All of your explanations regarding Internet Marketing are very Valuable for me who the one beginner in this, I am pleased to hear more tutorial form you, thanks

  28. WPHound

    Again another great post from you that I agree on totally. However, it is not always easy to add content which will be loved by visitors and Google as well. But we can learn it 🙂

  29. Libido

    A Great post from you Alex and one in which i totally agree with.However, its not always easy to place and add content which visitors will all love and big “G” as well. So we all just have to learn from it.

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