Add Credibility And Trust To Your Site With rel=”author” And rel=”me”

There’s a new kid on the block for on page SEO called authorship markup.  In reality authorship markup has been around for a while, but Google just started supporting it in June.

I think that Google will be using authorship markup to identify quality content and as a trust factor from webmasters that implement this.

There are hundreds of signals that as a webmaster you can send out to Google to improve your SERPs, and if you’re playing the SEO game you might as well send out all the signals you can.

Here’s how to implement this on your blog:

First to do this you must have a Google profile or a Google + account.

Once you’ve set up your profile with Google the next step is to add in your About Me page a link to your Google profile like this:

<a href=”″ rel=”me” target=”_blank”>Google Plus profile</a> (or whatever anchor text you want) you can see how I did it here.

Then to close the circle you add a link from your Google profile page back to your about me page.

Then if you’re using WordPress you go to Appearance => Menus, and in there on the top right corner of the page click on Screen Options and then from the fold out menu check the box for “Link Relationship (XFN)”

After that you just edit the About Me menu item and in the field that says Link Relationship (XFN) you put: me (don’t forget to hit Save Menu)

Then you can check if everything is working Ok by putting your URL in the Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

It’s a pretty simple process but one that I think will have a positive impact on you rankings

Please share your opinion about this by leaving a comment below

Thank you

AlexAdd Credibility And Trust To Your Site With rel=”author” And rel=”me”

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  1. Tim B. Miller

    Hi Alex,

    This is really cool and informative. I see this to be very important in the future.

    I think visitors want more reassurance of real results more and more and this is going to be important.

    Thanks for helping,

    -Tim B. Miller

  2. Bill

    Hi Alex, Great info (as usual) . . . signed up already and invited others.

    On the plus profile page, under POSTS….. is that where I would place links back to my about page and/or to my individual posts, as appropriate?

    Thanks once more!

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Bill,

      To add the link to your about me page go to your profile and hit Edit Profile, then look for the Links tab that’s at the right of your profile info and add them there.

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Angelo,

      You go to your profile and hit Edit Profile and click on the Links tab at the right of your information and add them there.

  3. Celeste

    Hi Alex,

    I would not have known about authorship markup, so thank you! I’m guessing this is a small way to give the author’s blogs and posts credibility over those who scrape the author’s content and repost it.

    Your recent posts about what’s new on Google have been very helpful to me — thanks!

  4. Jan

    Very interesting post again…thank you. I wonder if this may be Google trying to overcome the blog networks set up around the place and the problem of either duplicate content and/or spun content? Interesting way of doing it and it will make good content even more valuable.

  5. Ben Cummings

    Excellent SEO tip. I just set this up on my membersite and updated my google profile. BTW your google profile is also a great place to add important links as well. I have *heard* that this counts as an effective backlink as well. Thanks for the good post.

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  6. Angel Rivera

    Once again a very informative and valuable advice from you! By the way, your Stealth Keyword Competition software is the best so far that Ive seen and tested. Kudos to your efforts which are brilliant to say the least.

  7. Mark

    Great information that I can really USE. Thanks Alex!

    I’ve seen passing comments about the rel=author before, but not practical info like you have here or anything about the rel=me. Appreciate it.

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Karen

      No – This is for every site that wants to increase its visibility on the search results no matter the size

  8. paimin222

    I seem to already know this first before you tell, in my country INDONESIA, an average the owner of the website or blog doing these methods,


    thanks for you information 😀
    keep helping other people :-bd

    *sorry for my english*

  9. Steve Bolton

    Hi Alex, I agree that authority and authorship is becoming a strong factor in seo for Google, I have noticed that my blog posts with Google+ and authorship attributes do get quicker higher rankings – it makes sense to me, as Google is seeking to qualify and attribute content to real live authors – next step is to get an author ranking based on a quality score, I have no doubt that is where this is heading

  10. Anne

    Hello Alex,
    As always your information is a treasure. You mention blog or WordPress a lot. Is this information OK for webmasters working in Dreamweaver?

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