A Proven Formula to Create Money Making Videos Part 1

Rankings YouTube videos in Google to drive traffic to your website or to make money with CPA / affiliate offers, seems to be in everyone’s mind lately.

And although ranking videos in Google for long tail keywords is easy right now, getting in the top 3 positions in the search results is just half of the battle.

The other half is making your videos useful, entertaining and interesting enough so the people watching them follow through on your call to action.

Creating plain screen capture videos with boring background music were you display some text for the viewers to read will not give you any results; you have to put yourself in your prospects shoes.

If I want to read an article about any topic I go to ezinearticles not YouTube and so does my potential customers; so if you create a plain text video you will not capture the interest of your viewers.

Also, if your video is not interesting, when you start to get some views on it, YouTube analytics will show that people stop watching your video after just 5 seconds and that will cause your video to not rank well.

What you need to create is a video with a defined STRUCTURE and PURPOSE.

But before you create it, you must know what’s the INTENTION behind the keyword you are targeting with the video and what you want the viewers to do when they finish watching it.

Your primary goal is to make a video that will entertain and inform the people that see it so they’ll be more inclined to take action on what you’re asking them to do next.

Here’s the proven video creation formula I use.

Amusing you’ve already done your keyword and market research.

The first and most important part is the script of your video. I use the following format to capture the viewers interested and keep them watching till the end.

First ask a question or make a promise – The first few words of your video script should be to interest the viewer or to create curiosity.

You can say things like: “In this short video you’re going to discover the one thing that’s preventing you from …….. and how to overcome it”

Or you can go with “Do you know what’s the one thing that prevents most people from  …….?”

Now that you have their interest and attention, make them remember what it feels like to live with problem they are trying to solve, make them re-live the pain.

You can do this by mentioning some of the disadvantages of dealing with their problem or the physical or emotional pain it produces.  “Having to deal with ……. everyday can quickly become very frustrating”

Try using some words that will stir up the viewer’s emotions.

After I have grabbed the viewers attention and make them remember what it feels like to live with the problem they are trying to solve I will hint at the solution or give a partial solution to their problem followed with a concise call to action.

So lets say the problem is that your viewer has low self-esteem, you can say something like:

“Overcoming a low self-esteem is never easy. However, just as anything else in life that is deeply desired, one must do all that can be done to change this disadvantage.

You must always keep in mind that you are in control of yourself, you can keep from feeling negatively about yourself no matter what others say, but if you were exposed to verbal, physical, mental or emotional abuse, it may be more difficult to change the perception of oneself. In this case, surrounding yourself around those that constantly uplift you is very important”

Click on the link below for more methods to overcome your low self-esteem and to discover how I did it”

Your call to action is VERY IMPORTANT and it must be compelling enough or arouse enough curiosity to make the viewer click on your link.

One last thing to consider when writing your script is that your videos should not be more that 5 minutes long, I usually try to keep them between 3 to 5 minutes and that means that your script should have between 400 and 600 words.

This blog post is coming out to long so we’ll leave the next steps of the formula (how to produce and optimize your videos) for next week.

Please share your opinion on video creation or give us your own tricks or methods for creating videos by leaving a comment below.


AlexA Proven Formula to Create Money Making Videos Part 1

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  1. Deb

    Alex, this is excellent! It will help me tremendously. I knew just having screen shots of features with background music was not enough. This is really helpful for the script. Thanks!

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  2. Kimberly

    This was very helpful; I have been doing more travel and ecommerce-type videos.

    They really had no message… I’m gonna try my hand at solving problems.
    ; )

  3. Sorina

    Very interesting post Alex!

    If I can make a comparison, the video script must contain what you will usually put in a sales letter, right? I’m not talking about the words, but about the main sections: grab attention, call to action, etc except that you also provide a part of the solution, right?

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  4. Emma

    Hey ALex,

    You again 🙂 I love reading your blog.Good post.Thanks.

    My little point to add is that to rank easily and well on search engines, the name of the video should be your primary keyword.

    Waiting to see what’s in part 2.

  5. Emma

    Hey alex, i forgot to ask this.

    Blog comments spamming is becoming a big issue for my blogs.Adding a captcha code might the solution.How did you add this captcha code? Is there a plugin for this?

    Please advise

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  6. Dave E Wilkes

    That’s another very informative post – I’m looking forward to reading the next one …

    One area I have had to focus upon in videos is in making my voice more lively and interesting to listen to..

    The first time I heard my recorded voice I realised how laid back it sounded..
    which may be ideal for a therapist (which I am) but not for compelling people to continue listening and watching when there are so many other interesting distractions available to them..

    If yo have any tips for voice control I would be interested in learning more about this..

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Dave,

      I’ll go more into that in part 2.

      But if you don’t have a good narrative voice you can always go to fiverr.com and hire a voice over artist to do the voice over of your videos for $5.00.

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  7. Earl

    I totally agree, Alex. The one thing I would add is not to put all your information into the video, but to leave them wanting more, and then the call to action should then point them to the money page for you to give them the rest of the information, and for them to take the final action you are looking for.

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  8. patti

    Hi Alex

    Great post as usual. Thought I would just add a little tip a friend gave me the other day. He’s starting to see some success making videos in the IM niche and uses the affiliate email swipes as the basis for his script. They are usually very well crafted and invariably push all the emotional buttons so he doesn’t have to be too creative, which can be difficult for many, particularly if English is not their first language.

    Just an idea that someone might find helpful.

    Thanks for all the great info and support. Looking forward to future posts.

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