5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Increasing conversion rates is something every good marketer should aim for. Not only does it give you a greater return on your investment, but it also helps you do more with less – less time, less money and less effort.

By making some small but important changes on your website, using the right keywords, and following up with diligent testing, you can see some significant changes to your conversions right away.

Here are five of the easiest changes to make that will help with increase your conversion rate.

Add Forms to Each Page

Whether it’s a contact form, opt-in form or email newsletter form, including one on every page will make it easier for prime customers to get in touch with you.

Many marketers who have included and opt-in form or their contact form on each page have reported up to a 60% increase in the number of qualified leads they receive through their website.

Have a Clear Call to Action

Your call to action button should be colored differently than any other button on your site, and made prominent in your layout.

That means if it has to be a large red button saying ‘Click here to download now’ – then so be it. You want to make it abundantly clear where people should click – and what happens once they do.

Otherwise, they may find that there are simply too many things clamoring for attention on your site, and leave.

Use Landing Pages Effectively

This seems like no-brainer advice, but using landing pages effectively is about more than simply creating pages tailored to your best keywords. It’s also about removing elements that could cause customers to click away from your main call to action.

That means navigation bars, other offers, advertising link (AdSense) and anything that could possibly pull them away from taking the action you want them to take.

Creating landing pages around your advertising campaign is an excellent way to boost your quality score as well as increase conversions.

Make Every Page Have a Goal

Every page in your site should have a goal or a purpose – whether it’s to funnel customers to your offer, explore a topic on your blog, or whatever the case may be. By properly planning your site, you can more narrowly focus on your niche rather than trying to “be all things to all people’.

You may think that having a more defined focus will eliminate more customers, but many studies have found the opposite to be true – you’ll actually reach more of your best customers this way.

Be Clear About Pricing and Shipping Options

No one likes to be fooled – and if you hide shipping or pricing options until the customer clicks the Checkout button, or goes deeper into your site, you run the risk of losing them altogether.

By being clear and posting price information up front where it’s easily accessible, your customers will know what to be prepared for and will be able to make a more confident decision about moving forward with their order.

Sometimes the small changes are the ones that yield the greater results. And it doesn’t get much simpler than the 5 things I just mentioned above. These 5 simple modifications will definitely help you increase your revenue.

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Alex5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

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  1. Phil

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for the post. I think I am guilty of not having a clear call to action on some of my sites.
    I try and get my on-page seo right, get my sites ranked well but as you point out the idea is to get people buying.
    I will start implementing the points you mention and realy have a hard look at my sites.
    Always read your emails and have bought your products and will always look at any other products you recommend.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  2. Anne S.

    Hello Alex,
    I appreciate your newsletters and read each and everyone. It all boils down to one thing, common sense. Which, unfortunately, is something they do not teach in college.

    I cannot imagine why someone would spend the time and effort to build a webpage, and not have all the elements of running an online business.

    Thank you Alex for all the research you do to drive this valuable information home.
    Anne S.
    La Jolla, CA

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