4 Tips for Selling Info Products with Compelling Copywriting

Being able to write persuasive, compelling and direct copy is what will ultimately make the difference between not just selling or not – but how much you sell.

When you learn to push the right psychological buttons, you can easily open the floodgates to making a living online.

The good news is, you could have flunked your high school English class (as I did) and you can still write good copy.  In fact, sometimes by breaking all the grammatical rules, you can freshen up your content and make it speak directly to your audience.

Here are four tips to help you get started:

  • Know Your Target Market – Inside and Out

You won’t sell much if you don’t know about your target market – and I’m not just talking about a broad range like “single moms” or “middle age married men”.  You need to know what keeps them up at night and more importantly, what makes them sit up, take notice, and take action.

Visualize their most pressing problems from their perspective and resist the urge to let your own point of view take over.  Remember, you’re writing for your audience – not for an A on your test.

  • Be Direct and Honest

Nobody likes a scammer.  Likewise, nobody likes the guy that’s always talking OVER people’s heads and trying to impress them with his knowledge.  Don’t be either of those people.

Wherever possible break up main ideas into direct chunks of content.  It’s easier to read on a screen (or mobile device) and people will be much more likely to read what you have to say.

If the product has flaws (and they ALL do), tell people about them up front.  Be honest, up-front, and sincere.

  • Always Move Toward the Sale

A famous marketer once said that anyone who tells you “no” simply hasn’t had enough information to go on to tell you “yes”.

With this in mind, always be moving toward the sale while answering those unanswered questions your prospects are asking.

Put yourself in their shoes and think, “what would I like to know about this product if I could ask ANYTHING?” and then address those challenges head-on.

After each issue has been answered, add a prominent link front and center to compel your customer to go ahead and complete the order.

  • Don’t Forget the Follow-Up

No matter what you’re selling – never forget to focus on the importance of the follow-up.

Don’t just give people a generic “Thanks!” order page. Tell them what will happen after they’ve paid. How soon do you generally ship the item? If it’s digital, how do they open it and save it?  Once they start using it, how soon can they expect to see results?

What if they have questions? Offer support (even if it’s not your product).

Each of these points kept in mind when writing your affiliate marketing copy can help you sell more and reach a wider audience with less traffic.

I recently finished a report on copywriting, if you like a copy just click here.

Please share you opinion or comments on copywriting by leaving a comment below.


Alex4 Tips for Selling Info Products with Compelling Copywriting

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  1. Keith Erskine

    Hi Alex

    Just printed out your free report; will read it over lunch today. Did a quick scan of it and it is clearly packed with good, applicable knowledge.

    Some great insights in the post as well.


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  2. Small Business Marketing

    Hey Alex, these are good tips. I really like to use Qantcast and Alexa for info and keywordspy to find the top competitors and see what their markets are so you can know your customers better.

    Aslo – your tips are valuable, I’ve killed off a whole bunch of emails senders that I’ve accumulated over the year in a effort to reduce my email time. I’m keeping yours because of the info you send and the value I get from SKA.

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  3. Shane

    Another great article…. thanks Alex.
    Just like to add that ones site when I build mine, I always look at it like a store front. Then once your visitor has come in you only have seconds to impress. So yes content is crucial. But so is the layout of ones pages.

    Thanks Again

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