What is Hypnotic Copywriting and Does It Really Work?

What exactly IS hypnotic copywriting?  There’s a lot of talk about hypnotic copy in marketing guru circles.  But can you really “take control” of someone’s mind using the power of words alone?  The answer is yes – and anyone can do it.

All it takes is understanding the end result you want, and then writing in such a way as to activate those receptors in the brain – commonly known as the “mind’s eye”.

Hypnotic writing puts you in the driver’s seat.  You’re in charge of your reader’s emotions – everything from their ability to empathize with your story, to their ability to emphatically nod “YES!” to your offer.

But how exactly is it done?  Keep reading for all the details…

Tell a Story.

The mind’s eye flourishes with storytelling.  From a crisp, ice-cold beer on a sun-drenched summer day to the warm, chocolaty comfort of a hot cocoa on a chilly winter evening, hypnotic copy quenches our thirst to learn more.

Weave together a story using plenty of adjectives (description words) and adverbs (words ending in –ly) and you’ll be well on your way to writing copy powered by both emotion and vivid imagination.

Add Rich, Detailed Pictures.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that statement more beneficial than with hypnotic copywriting.  In this case, a picture is like a fine wine.  It adds to the enjoyment of the overall “meal” that your visitor is visually digesting and imagining.  Pictures reinforce your point and give more clarity to your voice and your tone.

Watch Out for Cliches.

It’s very tempting, when writing using visualization, to throw in common phrasing like “Imagine you’re…” or “Picture yourself…” But the fact is, you don’t want readers to have to stop what they’re doing to place themselves in your fantasy world.

Instead, write as if they’re already there. For example, “You walk confidently onto the dance floor, capturing the attentive eyes of most beautiful woman in the room and sweeping her off her feet as her flowing dress curls around your ankles like a contented cat.”  Your mind’s eye automatically sees you in this situation, without forcing you to disconnect from wherever you are right now.  See how easy it is?

Ask More than You Tell.

When people think of “hypnotic” anything, they tend to think of a scruffy old psychologist with patched elbow sleeves and a shiny pendulum chain with the all-too-familiar “You are getting sleeeeepy” catchphrase.  Don’t be that kind of person in your copy.  Instead, ask questions that the reader would naturally respond “Yes” to – without having to stop and think about it.

For example, “Aren’t you feeling calmer and more relaxed?”  Subconsciously, the reader’s mind may decide that “Yes, yes I am in fact feeling calmer.” And their body naturally relaxes.  It’s this kind of neuro-linguistic programming that prepares the brain for a more passive state, during which hypnotic copy works its magic.

Try these steps yourself and see how many more sales you can make.

Please share your opinion on the concept of hypnotic writing by leaving a comment below.


AlexWhat is Hypnotic Copywriting and Does It Really Work?

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  1. Herschel Lawhorn

    Hi Alex,

    You make it sound so easy, but when I try it, it just does not quite come out that way. I know everything you said makes good sense and I am sure that as you do more and more of it it becomes easier to do.

    At least that is what I keep telling myself, so we will see.

    Herschel Lawhorn

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  2. Steve

    Very nice informative article, I am in real estate and often find myself using the clichés as mentioned. I am going to start writing copy as suggested and see if the buyer interest increases. Thanks Alex.

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  3. Chris

    As a hypnotist and psychotherapist, it is easy for me to agree that the power of suggestion is profound.
    That is how adverting works. If you suggest something strong enough then it sticks in the subconscious
    As long as its ethical.
    There were reports studied about a cinema showing single frames of the words drink more or thirsty, to the audience, and ths lead to the audience actually drinking more. However, it wasn’t a controlled study.
    But the power of suggestion is deep, but in now way are you taking control of someones mind!
    They do that for themselves!
    Hypnosis is a voluntary process, if you want it to be there then it will be there. No one can make you go into hypnosis if you don’t want to go there.
    Give the customer what they want to hear. If they are looking for a cure for insomnia, then give it to them.. tell them how they can achieve it?
    using questions is great. Poise a question that you have to respond to with a ‘yes’ response, such as.
    “we would all like to earn a little more money, wouldn’t we?

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Chris,

      You’re right – a BIG factor in making the reader agree with what you’re saying is to convey to them that you understand their needs.

  4. James T Pereira

    @ Herschel, it takes practice and you can see that it’s probably second nature for Chris because that’s his training and practice.

    But in order to practice, you must know what are the marketing or selling or power words to use and how to structure the sentence as Alex says.

    I stumbled upon this world of hypnotic copywriting by taking a course with John Carlton. He’s the current go-to guy for copywriting.

    Study and practice it and you’ll get there.

  5. Mike

    Hi Alex, I firmly believe in the power of written words to sway me towards a specific course of action. More so when those words encourage my ambition and reinforce my desire to add value to me. Why else would I keep buying the tools and education to become more?
    Great post Alex
    Thank you

  6. Jeff Poole

    There’s a great book by Joe Vitale who’s the master at hypnotic writing available at Amazon called Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words. Not only does he go into the subject with teaching examples from every direction but he also has a software program to help you. Check it out.

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  7. Dr. Kathleen Olsson-Nelson

    As a professional Medical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Pyschotherapist, I agree with Chris’ statements in his comment. Yet, one also has to consider the intellectual capabilities of the subjects involved, and meet them where they are. If someone expects to hear a cliche such as “you are feeling sleepy” to get the ball rolling, that’s what I will do. Based upon 30 years of practice, I am not as certain as others that there are folks resistant to hypnosis. Just watch that someone sit down before a TV and observe him/her instantly trance out.

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