Using to Increase your Clickthrough Rate came to be thanks to the collaboration of the 3 big search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. This site contains a list of website markups you can add to your website that will be recognized by the big 3.

These markups will help search engines read and display rich snippets in their search results, making your website more visible to the searchers, thus helping you increase your click-through rate even if you are outside of the top 5.

By using markups in your the HTML code, your website can be displayed in the SERP’s like this:

This will definitely improve your CTR and visibility; your listing will surely stand out from the rest, making it more appealing and enticing the searchers to click on it. This will result on more free and targeted search engine traffic to your website which is the best kind of traffic to increase your conversions.

So how does it work?

The markup vocabulary that uses is a new set of HTML tags called microdata, this vocabulary helps search engines classify a websites content through things like, content type, author, ratings, etc. Here’s the list of available tags.

If you are interested in adding this to your site (and you should be) there is a complete guide on how to do it here.

As I mentioned on the rel=author post, after you’ve inserted the new tags into your HTML you can use Google’s rich snippets testing tool to check if it’s working OK and to see how your listing will show up in the search results.

Almost nobody is doing this and for some niches it will take years for webmasters to catch up, this makes adding these new HTML tags to your site a great opportunity for you if you start implementing this before your competition.

And because search engines will want to show more visually rich search results, I also think that this will help to improve your rankings.

Please share your opinion on this by leaving a comment below.

AlexUsing to Increase your Clickthrough Rate

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    1. Gail Fay

      This is good stuff Alex. It’s going to take a little time to absorb and understand, but it will be worth it. I’m a bit nervous about tampering with code in case I mess anything up. I don’t have a broad knowledge of html and I certainly hadn’t heard of markups before. Does this work for wordpress too?

      Also can you point out re the example you’ve shown, what improvements the markups achieved?

      Thanks Alex

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        Alex Safie

        Hi Gail,

        Yes this can work on WordPress, in fact Mary pointed out a plugin called “Schema for WordPress”

        All the best,


  1. mary

    Hi Alex,
    thanx for this . There is a wordpress plugin to help with this. You can just use backend of wordpress to install, just type schema for wordpress in “search for plugins” area. They also have a forum and twitter updates on new strides in this area. I have just installed on one of my blogs, for electrical goods.

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      Alex Safie

      Hi David,

      You could implement this by outsourcing it or if you are using WordPress you can use the plugin that Mary mentioned “Schema for WordPress”

      Hope this helps


  2. Barry Brown

    Alex, I own a website that sells signs, banners, decals, displays, etc. I notice there are no tags in that even come close to my business.

    Can I make up tags or petition to add my category?

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Barry, is quite new, it started around June, so I think they will be adding more markups with time.

      And yes I think it’s a good idea to contact them and give them you feedback, I looked around for the contact info and all I found was this email

  3. Morgan Madej

    Thanks a lot for your email link regarding HTML Markup and this post-I often wondered how this was done and now I know!

    I have your excellent Stealth Keyword Competition Analyser and I am enjoying the “Amazing” results without having to use a proxy!

    Now I have seen this site I want to come back and read more of your intriging posts such as G+

    Keep your emails coming!

  4. Mal Tindle

    Hi Alex,

    Thank for this, it looks too good to be true but your advice so far has been brilliant so why not.

    Installing it on my WordPress site took a minute at most. Go to plug ins–Ad New–Typed in Schema For WordPress in the search box–Install now–Done !!

    Keep up the great tips,


    work from home gems

  5. Hardy C


    Thanks a million. Always looking out for us, very much

    This is exactly why you will never lose your place on my
    white list. SEO has so many angles it is good to be notified about ‘little’ things that matter!
    Now, let me see if I can butcher some html.

    Great post, thanks again.


  6. winst

    Thanks I ever since I bought your Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer I have been quietly reading your post without posting any review but I can help but thank you for this post and will try to always drop some thing down for now I believe you are genuinely out to help Others.Thanks I am on my way to upload the “Schema for WordPress”plugin

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  7. Rudy Espinosa

    Hey Alex,

    This is awesome documentation. Thanks for the great find.
    I read a previous article of yours but the info was very limited and I could not find documentation. This is exactly what I needed!

    BTW, I have used oDesk and their process is awesome. Highly recommend them. I have not tried Elance yet.

    Thanks for this again and thanks again for SKCA. That tool is worth at least 10x your asking price.


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  8. Mary Greene

    Great tip, Alex!

    Do you find Schema for WordPress slows down your site loading. Some marketers have criticized these related WordPress plugins, saying they slow down site loading.

    Do you notice any speed difference?

    Thanks for your excellent Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer!

    Mary G.

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  9. matina

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for delivering, I mean overdelivering as usual.
    Apart from installing the plugin, is there anything else to be done ?
    Sorry for sounding stupid but I am still quite new with wordpress :-)
    Take care,

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  10. Bea

    Loving you blog posts! I’m “bookmarking” them on my Pinterest account and sharing the post with others as well as on my g+.

    I think I’ve learned more from you blogs in the last 15 minutes of reading than I’ve learned in the last 10 webinars I’ve attended with “gurus.”

    Thanks so much for sharing this information – this is gold!

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