The Best Way to Extract Highly Targeted Traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn

Every blog you read and half the new products released these days tell you to use social media as a traffic generating tool for your website. The problem, of course, is that very few explain exactly how to do it in a practical way.

So on this blog post I want to go through one of the most effective, practical and easiest methods I’ve used in recent months to drive traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn to my sites so you can do it.

Tapping Into the Traffic of Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

The problem I see is that too many people try to use social media for traffic and fail. Or they succeed but the traffic doesn’t convert.

By using social media groups and engaging with existing communities, you can change that. This is actually a very simple trick, but it requires some time and a dedication to providing exceptional quality – both of which you must commit to.

So here it is…

The key is to find large, active groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that are within your niche. Avoid smaller groups, groups with inactive memberships, or groups that are outside your immediate niche.

Most groups will admit you if you ask to join and most will allow you to post free content you’ve produced, but only if it’s no-strings attached.

Groups like these ones…



joinfbgroupOnce you join a group, start interacting with other users. How exactly does this drive traffic? After all, most groups have fairly strict rules about promotion (i.e. don’t do it).

It’s simple. Start providing awesome free stuff.

Actively create new conversations and offer free content and resources to the other members of the group

Why This Works So Well

It’s the oldest formula in online marketing. Provide high value content and people will love you for it. On Facebook and LinkedIn this goes double.

Not only are people more willing to click a link within a Facebook group, they tend to Like and comment on it, creating instant social proof and generating MORE clicks.

They might even take that link and share it with other communities of users, making it go viral.

A single link to a blog post, free eBook or audio course can instantly go viral within a Facebook group, generating hundreds or even thousands of clicks.

It’s Not Free or Instant Traffic

Before you start spamming links to Facebook and LinkedIn groups, there are some things to keep in mind.

First, quality is key. Just any old free content won’t work. You can’t load up on PLR eBooks and spam them to group members. When I say “quality”, think of production-grade products and full eBooks but give them away. This is a must.

These groups allow people to instantly interact with each other and you. If quality is not up to par, not only will they discuss it publicly, but you might get booted from the group. Everyone will remember the subpar content you tried to give away and your reputation will be damaged.

I recommend starting small. Post a link to a long, engaging blog post or a free report you’ve written on a hot topic in that niche. Build trust with group members by showing them the value you bring, then move up to larger products or freebies that will really hit home.

Do this properly and you can drive hundreds of even thousands of hits directly from Facebook and LinkedIn to your site, capture email addresses, and eventually monetize.

Please share your opinion about this traffic method by leaving a comment below.


AlexThe Best Way to Extract Highly Targeted Traffic from Facebook and LinkedIn

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  1. Harvey

    I have tried this one myself on facebook and yeah, very effective. You cannot just join in and spam the group with links since reporting spams on facebook is very easy to do. Nice insights Alex. Thanks!

  2. Marlone

    I’m not really familiar with linkIn so I have no idea how it works with the site. But I’ve read a post somewhere that linkIn is also a good place if not better to get traffic for your site than facebook.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Airene

    In my experience, staying active and building good reputation in a group was the key getting quality traffic and conversion as well. This is a very effective method if taken seriously. You have good tips here. Thanks

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  4. Andrew Shieldon

    I’m active on social networks but only on my pages or profile. Haven’t really tried joining groups or creating my own group to advertise or drive traffic. I’m definitely giving this a try. Thanks Alex!

  5. Navin Kunwar

    i think creating damn good content or product is first thing, publishing it to up fb, linkedin is second btw i have fb page with 177k+ fan but its really hard to engage them :(.

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      Alex Safie

      Hi Navin,

      The best way to engage them is to find out what people in your niche are talking about and make sure to start conversations about those topics with your fans – the best way to do this is with questions.

  6. Kent

    This is something I have been quietly doing and its gaining traction. I am using something a lil better then ebooks… shhh cant say just yet!

    Alright Alex good stuff bro and I will see you around.


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      Alex Safie

      Hey Kent

      Great to hear that you are doing well with this method.

      Maybe you can share what you do when you’re ready 🙂

  7. nathankp

    This is really advanced information. i am working as UX/UI designer for Mobile app. so i am going to find groupsrelated to my job and i will give them great free Mobile app UI .psd contants for them.

    Alex Safie

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