Profit Activators #2 and #3: Compel, Motivate and Educate

Building on what we learned previously on the first blog post of the 8 Profit Activators series, I’m going to walk you through the next 2 activators, which involves compelling your prospects to call you and then motivating and educating them so they take you up on your offer.

The first step is to compel people to want to hear from you.  Ordinarily, you might think this is done via discounts and special offers – but why shortchange yourself?  Instead, the idea is to get your prospects through the virtual door by offering a tidbit of some kind that’s designed to pique their interest.

STOP Talking About Yourself

The first step is to stop talking about yourself and what you can do for the client. They don’t care. They have a need and want a solution, but they don’t want to hear about your business and all your accolades and experience because they’re not yet at that point. That’s why you need to rearrange your focus to emphasize on the end result.

When you know who your target market is and what they specifically want, you can craft reports, audios, videos or whatever giveaway you want that precisely answers their most pressing questions. Not just throwing up something that you think they want – but something truly tailored to their needs.

No Pressure!

You also don’t put the pressure on here. Many marketers make the mistake of trying to get the full sale right from the start, and they crash and burn almost every time.  The idea is to get people to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed enough to want to see what you have to offer, without having to step out of that safe zone.

Once you’ve created something genuinely helpful, it’s time to move onto motivating them to meet you.

Encourage Prospects to Meet You

The real sale happens when prospects are motivated to meet you – but here’s the issue.  We humans are socially wired to want to avoid certain kinds of interactions. We don’t want to say the first word, make the first introduction or impose on anyone.

Dean Jackson illustrates it like this:

profit activator 3Say you’re over at a friend’s house, and you’ve just arrived. They tell you to make yourself comfortable and help yourself to anything in the fridge you’d like to eat.  But you don’t, because you don’t want to impose.

This works similarly in marketing. We may truly want to help others, but they need more prompting.

Conversely, if your friend walks out with a big batch of homemade cookies and offers you one, you wouldn’t say no?!  This is the approach we need to take when marketing.

By phrasing our offer like this, we take all the pressure off the prospect and invite them to take action. They don’t want to be rude and turn us down after we’ve put so much work into our offer and made them feel like it was crafted just for them.

Equipping Them with Information

In your free report, video, audio or whatever kind of offer you’ll create, your goal is to educate your prospect by giving them the kind of answers to questions they’re already thinking of, but are afraid to ask.  This could be something as simple as “7 Things to Know Before Hiring an SEO Specialist” or “5 Questions to Ask a Pre-School Provider before Enrolling Your Child”.

These kinds of question-based materials educate the prospect so that they feel a sense of reciprocity in wanting to do something for you now that you’ve educated them.

Simple but powerful.

In the next post of the Profit Activators series, we’ll look at the “During Unit”. Everything we’ve done up to this point has been focused on the before aspect of the business, attracting customers and setting your business up to sell the right way, right from the start.  Next, we’ll look at how to keep that momentum going and make sure that every lead becomes a buyer.

See you next week.

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AlexProfit Activators #2 and #3: Compel, Motivate and Educate

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  1. Tonya

    Excellent post. I have been reading your blog and although I am almost ready to start my own business this blog gives me the confidence to do so. Thank You!

  2. Mary Butler

    Definitely learned something new from this post. My first thoughts about this was really giving some sort of special offers or discounts. Very well laid information. Thanks.

  3. Charles

    Great post Alex. I bet you really are an expert at converting your leads to buyers. I’m not really good at closing deals so I’m glad I found your post.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  4. jose dyal

    Reading the first few lines made me think that this was a very complex method. You explained every detail clearly making it easier to understand. I hope I can apply these methods in the future.

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