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Google Fonts is a directory of fonts created by Google and a number of font designers.

This resource is important because most fonts, other than the 150 or so already installed on your computer, cost money – a lot of money. And if you use a font on your website that your visitors are unlikely to have purchased, they won’t see it.

Instead, they will see Georgia or Arial – the default Serif and Sans Serif fonts in most web browsers.

With Google Web Fonts you have access to 600 plus fonts and more than 20 fonts effects that you can use freely on your site.

Here are some examples of the fonts and affects you have access to:

Alex Brush font

Lobster font

Pacifico Font with 3D 

Black Ops One font with fire animation

Luckiest Guy Font with neon

Note: The above are not images, they are text

All fonts are served by Google’s world-wide servers and are automatically download to every user’s browser that visits your website. Everyone sees the same site, no one has to pay for the font, and your site runs smoothly and consistently on all devices.

If you are not using Google Fonts yet, I strongly encourage you to check it out.

The only drawback is that integrating Google Fonts to WordPress sites require some coding knowledge because you have to add some lines of code to the CSS of your site to call on the fonts. But most of us have a very basic knowledge of the code behind our sites so we shouldn’t be poking back there.

And that’s why Igor Burban and I decided to create G-Font Plugin so you can leverage this amazing resource in a simple way and without having to mess around with code.

Click here to watch the demo video of  G-Font Plugin.

Google Web Fonts Infographic1

AlexInfographic – Google Web Fonts

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  1. Alan Steward

    Hi Alex,

    Hope you are well I always sit up and take notice when you release a product 🙂

    Will this plug-in work with Optimizepress version 1.0

    Not that bothered if it won’t because i have a few problems with it and might stop using it anyway.

    Catch up soon

    “Happy Selling”


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      Alex Safie

      Thanks Sean,

      Yes, Google fonts are really cool – they give you the freedom to chose whatever font you want instead of just the one coded in your theme

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  2. Cara Riggles

    Bought it and used some of the fonts/effects for a client site that I am currently designing. Love it! Do you have an affiliate program for this product? I clicked the affiliate link on your site, but it details a different product.

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