How to Get Thousands of Views on Your YouTube Videos Fast

ShareYouTubeVideosI recommend a lot of tools and websites for traffic generation. One happens to be YouTube, and while a good YouTube video can do a lot on its own, there’s always something you can do to help give it that momentum.

That’s where Share You Tube Videos comes in. This handy service is designed for marketers like you and me – people who want to get the absolute MOST out of every one of our videos on YouTube.

What Makes This Service Great

YouTube is the ultimate social proving ground. A good video will garner a LOT of attention, but getting a good amount of views and likes can be time intensive. Worse yet, if someone sees a video with only 5 views and no likes or comments, they are less likely to watch it.

You need to get around this, because your videos are awesome and deserve to be watched. That’s where can help you.

We’re going to look at the free side of this tool for now, because free is always better than paid but there’s also a paid option that gives instant results.

If you’ve used services like you know roughly what I’m about to show you, but because it’s YouTube related, it’s even cooler.

How Works

First, download the sharing tool from It’s free and has been tested thoroughly, so we know that it works OK and that it doesn’t have any viruses.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll need to create an account – use a different user name and password than your YouTube account (or anything else for that matter).

shareyoutubevideos software

Once you’re signed up, you should connect your YouTube account from the “Account” tab so you can start earning free credits. Again, use a different account than your main one.

Once you have signed up, you can start viewing other videos using your YouTube account. You’ll need to view at least 10 videos to get started, and credits will begin to accrue. Those credits can then be spent to get views, shares and likes for YOUR videos.

Paid Option (Very Inexpensive)

As you might imagine, credits are hard to earn and easy to spend, so you might be tempted to just use the paid option.

You can buy 5,000 views for $8.99 and 100 likes for an additional $7.49 – It’s really not that expensive.

You can also choose one of their package deals to get more bang for your buck.

Mastering the SYV Experience

This software has a LOT of users – something like 57,000 people are registered to use it and that means a lot of videos you can watch to build up credits for your own videos. Those free credits are going to disappear very quickly, so you’ll want to keep a steady flow coming into your account.

You can do this one of two ways. Either spend 5-10 minutes a day watching a dozen or so videos, or hire someone to login to your account every day and watch those videos, boosting your numbers.

Of course, you can always use their paid service to instantly increase how many views, comments, shares, subscribers and likes your videos have.

Bottom Line

If you have been or are interested in investing heavily in YouTube marketing, this tool is an absolute must. All the tricky stuff in the world won’t do you a bit of good if you can’t get real people on your page watching those videos, this tool will help you do it.

And the social proof (views, likes, shares, subscribers) will help you boost the rankings of your YouTube videos in Google.

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AlexHow to Get Thousands of Views on Your YouTube Videos Fast

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  1. Angel

    Thanks for sharing this service with us Alex!! seems like a great resource.

    And I agree that not having enough views will prevent other people from watching it because they will think its not good.

    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      You’re welcome Angel,

      I’ve been using this service with great results for about 2 months now and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

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  2. Bea

    Great post. Thanks for the walk through on how this is done and explaining the difference between the free and paid version.

    I’m just getting back into the swing of things and trying once again to set up an online business and traffic and links are always the most difficult. I watch YouTube videos almost everyday – this would be perfect for me.

    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      That’s great Bea

      And if you create videos that provide great value and then you give them a push with this service I’m sure traffic and links will come on their own

    1. Post
  3. Barry Anderson

    Alex my website is just a Temp as I brand my name and drive a bit of traffic to it. Video Marketing is my interest. I believe static websites are dead today. people want more than this. I am glad that you are using this product yourself. It means a lot to me. So many affiliates today endorse products they do not even use themselves and they do not know what they are talking about so I have to block them from doing business with me. I am very busy right now with my off line business and to make it grow I will have to use video marketing . This is my only option. Thanks for making contact with me . Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw

    1. Post
    1. Post

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