Here's How to Get Ultra-Cheap and Super Targeted Traffic Fast

online_trafficTraffic is something you can never get enough of and sometimes just relaying on organic search engine traffic is not a good business practice.

That is why having a diverse traffic strategy is a must. One of the strategies I’ve been using with great results is PPC traffic with Facebook ads.

Facebook ads have become the cheapest and fastest way to build a targeted audience for your blog or site.

Having a Facebook page is a must because it can funnel hundreds of ultra-targeted visitors every day to you site for very little money and because the visitors are so targeted you can easily turn them into customers.

Being that they are so targeted it also helps you with SEO. I’ve seen Facebook traffic stay longer and look at 2 or 3 pages per visit and since “time on site” and “page views” are 2 factors that Google is giving a lot of weight right now I’ve even seen a slight ranking boost.

That’s why I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing recently to get very cheap likes on Facebook.


The campaign above is in the weight loss niche and it achieved 3 cent likes; remember these are not clicks these are likes (actual actions) and in a ultra-competitive niche. And although I was just going for the likes, that campaign ended up generating 210 subscribers.

Here’s the process…

Step 1 – create a 1 page PDF with useful information. So in the campaign above because it was in the weight loss niche it had 5 recipes of juices that promote weight loss. The PDF was well design and branded with my websites logo and it had a link to it (you can get this PDF’s done very cheaply in fiverr). Once you have it ready just uploaded to your site.

Step 2 -Create a very targeted audience to show your ads to using the software FB Lead Chef. With this software you can gather the UID’s of Facebook users to create custom audiences. For this campaign I just search inside the software for weight loss related Facebook pages and gathered the UID’s of the people that have liked those pages. It’s Instant demographic research!

Step 3 – Create (or outsource it on fiverr) an image where you explain to visitors the dynamic for your landing tab: “Like my page to receive…”

Make sure this image has an attractive CTA that calls attention to the right hand corner where the Like button is located. The landing image size should be: width: 810px, height: no more than 700px, and it cannot be heavier than 400kbs.

You can also get this done on fiverr, here’s a really talented service provide:

Step 4 – Install the fan gate app – There are a lot of applications to make your own tabs in your Facebook fan pages, I use Static iFrame Tab. When you click this link, the app will ask where you’d like to install the tab application. Select your chosen fan page and proceed by clicking on the “Add Static iFrame Tab” button. You should be redirected to your fan page, where your app will be ready to use.

Start with the apps visualization on your fan page. Click on the arrow facing down next to the tab boxes underneath the cover image. When you click on that button, all of the tab boxes should be revealed.

Hover on your newly installed app until you see a little pencil appear on its upper right hand. When you click it, you should see a list of options, including “edit settings”. When you select that option, you will see a prompt for changing the tab title. Insert your choice of title (make sure it’s not too long as too allow visibility) and go ahead and change your image to an image you like. Make sure you save your changes in the original page by clicking on “Okay” and you’ll come back to your fan page to see the tab name and image changed.

2tab Set1

Now for the app itself. Click on the tab and you’ll be guided to the back end where you can modify the app. In the second section labeled “Page Source” select “redirect” and type in the URL for your PDF online.

In the next section labeled “Fan Gate”, select “image” and proceed to upload the landing image.


When you finish scroll down and click on “Save Settings”. When the page reloads, scroll back up and click on “View Tab” to see your work.

Now create a Facebook ad using your custom audience and make sure to select your tab as your landing page for the ad. You can start testing for as little as $5.00 and start seeing results.

Not very hard right?

Once you start getting people engaged with you page share useful content to drive them back to your website where you can turn them into subscribers and eventually customers.

So now you know how to generate targeted traffic for your site for very little money. Please share your questions or comments about this method by leaving a comment below.


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AlexHere's How to Get Ultra-Cheap and Super Targeted Traffic Fast

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