Evergreen Ranking Formula Part 3

evergreen3This is part 3 of the Evergreen Ranking Formula. In part 1 (click here to read it) we talked about the main element of this formula “quality and engaging content” and how to create it and in part 2 (click here to read it) we went over website structure and brandable domains.

In this blog post I’ll go over the On Page SEO basics, the plugins you should have on your site, the one thing you should do before building backlinks and the safest and most efficient backlink method.

On Page SEO Basics

You need to tell search engine spiders what your site is about for them to index it properly. You do this by placing the keyword your page is relevant for in certain places.

The main trick (in this post panda and penguin era) is to make this look natural.

First on your content, you must focus on quality first and then on the keywords. With that in mind try to at least have the keyword you are targeting with that content in your tittle, in the first sentence in the last sentence in an H1 or H2 tag and sprinkled throughout article.

And if you can add 3 LSI’s keywords, that would be great. The best way to find LSI’s keywords is to do a search in Google with your targeted keyword and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the results page where Google gives you “related searches” and use those.

Also make sure your permalink structure is set as shown in the image below so your keyword will also appear in your URL.


Another great place to put your keyword is the alt tag of one of the images on your page. So for example if you were targeting the keyword “Best dog food brand” you could use the keyword “Best dog food brand image1” as your alt tag.

And that’s it for On Page SEO; you don’t need to do much more than that.

There’s a free SEO plugin I use on all my sites that helps you keep track of your On Page SEO, is called WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.


Another important aspect of SEO are the social signals on your website and that’s why I install another free plugin called Digg Digg on all my sites, here’s the link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/digg-digg/

Once you have all that we’ve talked about so far in place here’s…

The One Thing You Should Do Before Building Backlinks

So let me ask you something.

How natural do you think it looks when a website suddenly starts getting backlinks without it having any traffic?

Not natural at all right and that raises a big red flag.

So the one thing you should do before building backlinks is to send some paid traffic to your site for at least a week or 2 (the more the better).

If you have a properly monetized site or at least an optin form in the sidebar with an enticing bribe you can recoup the money you invest on traffic.

Here’s a blog post I recently made on how to get cheap traffic using Facebook:


The only difference is that instead of giving them a PDF you send them to a page on your site with the information you promised.

I’ve been getting great results with this method and because the traffic is so targeted it helps my site with metrics like time on site, bounce rate and page views.

And Now To the Fun Part – Backlinks 🙂

Backlinks are still crucial for getting rankings, but you have to create the right kind of backlinks to get results.

The best backlinks are the ones that come from pages in trusted sites that have high Page Rank and are relevant.

In a blog post I wrote not too long ago I explain a very safe and effective backlinking method I’ve been using:


And that’s it – this is how I’ve been creating my websites recently with great results. I hope this information has been useful to you and that it can help you get closer to your goals.

Please share your thoughts or questions about the Evergreen Ranking Formula by leaving a comment below


AlexEvergreen Ranking Formula Part 3

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  1. Mike

    Hi Alex

    Another great post. I have read your post about building links. Have you got a minimum number of tier 1 buffet sites you use? Have u got a standard list of buffer sites: youtube, blogger, tumblr etc?

    My problem with back-linking is lack of patience.

    1. Post
  2. Ralph

    Hi Alex, Very clear and well thought out. Great reminders in your post for beginners and advanced. Thanks for continuing to add value to your email list.

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