Evergreen Ranking Formula Part 2

authority-blogThis is part 2 of the Evergreen Ranking Formula. In part 1 (click here to read it) we talked about the main element of this formula “quality and engaging content” and how to create it.

In this blog post we will go over how to structure your site.

If you want to achieve and maintain high rankings you need to be thinking long term now. And that’s why you should structure your website as an authority blog.

Authority Blog Structure


Your blog needs to have a minimum of 3 categories and at least 10 posts (the more the better). What I do is that before I start a website I usually have 3 posts ready (one per category) and then I add at least 1 more post every 6 days.

You should plan out the content you will be posting on your blog and divide your first 10 keywords (the ones we talked about in part 1) into categories. Your category names should be the seed keyword of each keyword group.

So lets say you have these 3 keywords in a group:

“Best Dog food for German Shepard”

“Best dog food for German Shepherd with allergies”

“Best dog food brand”

Then you will put these 3 keywords in a category called “Dog Food”

Make sure to interlink your posts in a natural way using long tail keywords as anchor texts. You should link each post to another post within its category and to one post in another category.

You should also link out to an authority site in your niche or to a YouTube video (when you link out always set target as blank so it opens in another tab).

Your blog also needs to have legal pages like, About Me, Contact Me, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Earning Disclaimer.

And that’s the ground floor structure of an authority blog, you can then just target more keywords and add more categories to make it grow.

Now lets talk about your domain name.

The first thing to consider when choosing a domain name is that you don’t want to rank your homepage anymore, your goal is to rank the more keyword targeted internal pages.

It used to be that Google would give a lot of weight to keyword rich domains, and although they still do to some extent, they are slowly moving away from that and more towards favoring brandable domain names.

And that’s why if I was to choose a domain name for a site in the dog niche for example it would be something like: allthingsdog.com or loveyourdog.com or dogpalace.com, etc. – you get the idea right?

Your brandable domain name must be easy to remember, short, easy to spell, and descriptive because it will also become the brand name of your blog.

Once you decide on your brand name and found an available .com domain for it, go to fiverr and outsource the creation of your logo.

Your goal is to position your site as the go to place in your niche or at least make it look that way. If your site looks like an authority site it’ll be easier to win over the trust of your visitors and get them to take action.

In part 3 of this series I will share with you:

  • My “On Page SEO” basics
  • The plugins you should have on your site
  • The one thing you should do before building backlinks
  • And the safest and most efficient backlink method.

I’ll be posting part 3 next week

Please share your thoughts or opinions of part 2 of the Evergreen Ranking Formula by leaving a comment below


AlexEvergreen Ranking Formula Part 2

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  1. patti

    Hi Alex

    You always seem to have the knack of bringing me back to reality and reminding me to stick with the basics and with what works. I am so easily swayed by fancy schmancy plugins and themes – none of which have helped me make my fortune! – and get totally bogged with course after course.

    Thanks for your continued interest in your subscribers and for your attempts to help them succeed. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      You’re welcome Patti,

      Tricks, loopholes and algorithms come and go, but basics principals always work best.

      Every interaction (business or personal) must be Win – Win

  2. vinton samms

    Hi Alex,
    I always look forward to your posts and this one is very good. It details what needs to be in simple but understandable terms that anyone should be able to follow.
    As one one your subscribers I see where I am benefiting immensely from reading your posts and anxiously looking forward to the next one. I intend to make my blog an authority one and have begun to change and to implement your suggestions.


    1. Post
  3. Oliver

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for a clear outline. Is this fundamentally what I have heard of as a “silo structure”? If so, doesn’t linking posts across categories weaken the value of the structure?

    1. Post
      Alex Safie

      Hi Oliver,

      It shouldn’t weaken the structure. What I do is that I always link all the posts in a category systematically and link to post in other categories only when its natural and not in a systematic way.

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