2 Funny But (Absolutely) True Concepts to Achieve Success

A lot of people either love Frank Kern or dismiss him as a joke. The truth is, Frank is a salesman, just like we all are at some level.

We all have a solution that’s somehow designed to improve a facet of someone else’s life, and we spend a good chunk of our time and energy looking for new strategies and methods to offer it to them.

Frank has 2 concepts he applies to achieve success in all his endeavors, and they are very simple – don’t f*ck around, and don’t be a p*ssy.

The first one is one we can all relate to, because we spend inordinate amounts of time browsing forums, on Facebook, on Twitter and checking email all day long.  But how much of your time is truly devoted to growing YOUR business?

You must get to work.  Most people have no sense of urgency related to getting things done.  You have 24 hours. Start now.

The second one is also one that many people are familiar with, especially those who buy a lot of how-to eBooks, attend seminars and courses and such. Sure, you get that rush from the course or the seminar that makes you feel like you’ve really achieved something, but in reality you haven’t done a thing.

Stop tip-toeing around the problem. You are going to fail, and maybe even 98 tries out of 100 will be failures.  Frank says, however, that the 2 times you didn’t fail are like gushing oil wells of profit.  Stop avoiding failure – embrace it.

Once you understand these 2 concepts, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you. Procrastination melts away like hot butter.  Failure is designed to teach you something – and when you know this you will learn from it instead of hiding from it and you’ll be much better prepared than the guy who continually tells himself “I’m a success, I’m a success, I’m a success” and has nothing to show for it.

So STOP waiting time, use what you’ve learned already and get to work. You’ll never know how far you can go unless you try.

The video below is a great interview where Frank Kern talks about these 2 concepts, please take the time to watch it and take a peek into the mind of an internet millionaire.

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Alex2 Funny But (Absolutely) True Concepts to Achieve Success

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  1. Herschel Lawhorn

    Hi Alex,

    Yeah, Frank is quite a marketer. I have followed him for years. That is a good video. I have watched it several times and learn something new each time. Thanks for presenting it again.

    Herschel Lawhorn

  2. Fred Ferguson

    I have not seen this video of Frank Kern but I too appreciate the opportunity to see it. I know I like this guy even though I don’t know him. Just by the way he talks you know he’s not there to impress anybody – he tells it like it is and I really respect that. I’m taking what he said to heart though because it was like he was reading my mail on both counts. However the one that trumps it is that I too often let stupid distractions screw up my work plans.

    Thank you for posting this!

    Fred Ferguson

  3. Yolanda Quigley

    We all have our shares of failures in life and I agree that failure is designed to teach us something. I bet Frank has really been into great experiences and I can see it in him. Very good post. Thanks!

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  4. Bernadette Hawkins

    I’ve met some people who talks just like him but he’s truly exceptional. I like his ideologies and his success is just a result of how he thinks he is and how he can make things work. He’s brilliant.

  5. Alex Peterson

    Thanks for posting this one. I think Frank is an awesome dude. I learned a lot from him and I like the way he thinks about things.

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  6. George Rolley

    I can see that Frank is a very smart person and I’m very impressed with the way he talks. If we want to succeed in anything, we must start by trying and if it doesn’t work for us the first time, we just have to try and try up to the nth time. 🙂

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  7. Dale

    Well I guess the video has been taken down, all I get is that it does not exist. I did read the article and even though I have never ever been a fan of Frank Kern…. his 2 concepts are right on target!

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  8. Orvel

    Frank is a genius salesman. And make no mistake, he IS a salesman. He has boiled-down the basics of selling to the smallest understandable equations. So damn true about his 2 characteristics to success: Get going NOW and don’t be afraid to fail. So true.
    And, his 3 fundamentals of a buying market : passionate buyers, great numbers, and easily reached. Can it get any easier than that?!
    Thank you Frank for a candid and thought provoking interview.

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